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Trust me, I’m a researcher

What media research has in common with the healthcare industry

Last week, the Media Research Group (MRG) held their excellent annual conference at the Royal College of Physicians in London under the theme “Body of evidence” (see what the organisers did there?)

It was my privilege to participate in the conference as part of a soapbox session where several speakers debated the topic “truthfulness and trust in research”.

After the conference, several people asked me for a copy of my talk, but since my notes aren’t very self-explanatory, I thought I’d expand on the theme here as a blog post.

My context was the many parallels that exist between the worlds of healthcare and media.

For starters, both industries handle massive amounts of data, often from diverse sources, and try to make sense out of it. Consider the following examples:

Single customer view
In media, this is the holy grail – being able to track an individual across multiple platforms and gather rich data to help understand them …