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Why authenticity is ultimately better than borrowed interest

There were times last week when I felt a bit like a little boy standing outside a sweet shop, nose pressed against the glass, admiring all the delights on display within.

The reason for this was the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival – that time of the year when advertising’s leading lights gather on the French Riviera to talk about the state of the industry and hand out lots of awards.

I wasn’t among them.

In fact, whilst many friends and colleagues have been there regularly in the past as presenters, judges or regular attendees, I’ve personally never been.

I’d quite like to go one year, for curiosity as much as anything, but for now I remain one of those standing on the outside looking in.

However, fortunately my social media feed at this time of year is always full of pictures and observations from sundry venues, restaurants and yachts, allowing me to still experience the event vicariously.

Of all the advertising-associate…