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"Keep your eye on the ball"

What business has in common with cricket.
This summer, I started playing cricket again after a hiatus of many years.
It was a very enjoyable experience and, although not especially elegant to watch or prolific from a pure numbers point of view, it did reinforce several lessons from my junior playing days, that felt every bit as relevant today as they were back then.

“Keep your eye on the ball”.

Pretty obvious advice for any batsman really, but also easy to overlook amidst the myriad distractions of diverse bowling actions, erratic line and length, unpredictable bounce, ever-changing field placings, scoreboard pressure, quick singles, fluctuating weather conditions and so on.

In such circumstances, it is very easy for the novice batsman (i.e. me) to make the wrong decision. To try to smash the ball they should be defending or leave the ball they should be hitting.

To predetermine what they are going to do as the bowler runs in rather than making a considered decision based on the ball they …